FAQ concerning the MA

What is the MA-Studienfach Englisch about?

The MA-Studienfach Englisch deals with the diverse forms of the English language, English literatures and cultures. These contents are approached and organised in terms of the following academic emphases:

These emphases are complemented by courses on civilisation.

What are the aims and objectives of the MA English?

For detailed information concerning the MA curriculum see Wegleitung MA Englisch auslaufend [PDF (129 KB)] or Sample Study Plan MA Englisch ab 2013 [PDF (29 KB)] and Wegleitung MA Englisch ab 2013.

When can I start the MA in English?

The MA English can be started both in the autumn and the spring term. Candidates who wish to study English have to enrol at the university secretariat (Studiensekretariat). The registration deadline for the autumn term is 30 April, for the spring term 30 November. You can download the application form >here<.

How long does it take to study English at the MA level?

The MA is conceived as a two-year course of full-time study. It may, however, be taken part-time: this results in prolonged studies. For further information see Ordnung der Philosophisch-Historischen Fakultät für das Masterstudium §10.

With what other MA subjects can the MA English be combined?

In general, the MA English can be combined with any other MA subject offered by the Faculty of Arts at the University of Basel. For more information and exceptions see Ordnung der Philosophisch-Historischen Fakultät für das Masterstudium §57.

Can I study English as a Haupt- or Nebenfach?

English can only be studied as one Studienfach in conjunction with a second Studienfach within the overall MA structure of the Faculty of Arts. At first, there is no disctinction between Haupt- or Nebenfach. Yet you will write your MA thesis in only one of the your chosen subjects. This subject will then be counted as your Major, while the other subject is your Minor.

What exams do I have to pass for the MA English?

To find out more about the departmental exams and other forms of assessment click >here<. The final Master exam is outlined in Ordnung der Philosophisch-Historischen Fakultät für das Masterstudium §27-29.

How is the MA programme in English structured?

To find out more about the MA setup see Wegleitung MA Englisch auslaufend [PDF (129 KB)], Section 4 or Wegleitung MA Englisch ab 2013.

Where can I find information about the courses that are offered?

The courses are described in the Vorlesungsverzeichnis.

What course formats do the MA modules consist of?

See course formats.

How do I enrol for courses?

You have to register in MOnA and, if so indicated by the instructors in the course description, also on other platforms (such as ISIS or OLAT) or by e-mail to the instructor or department secretary.

Do I need Latin for the MA?

Latin is no longer required for the MA.

I study at another institution (e.g., Hochschule für Musik). Can I integrate a MA English into my study programme?

For combinations outside the Faculty of Arts please ask at the Dekanat Phil.1.