FAQ concerning your first steps at the department


An information meeting for all freshers will be held on the first day of the autumn term on

  • Monday, 18th September 2017 at 6:15 pm at the Department of English, Nadelberg 6, Grosser Hörsaal (on ground floor of the rear building behind fountain)

We strongly advise you to attend and take the opportunity to get to know members of staff and student groups as well as ask all sorts of questions you may have.

Please do not forget to enrol for your compulsory courses (cf. below).

What do I have to know before starting my studies?

For useful information concerning the start of your studies consult the university's website.

How do I enrol for courses?

Freshers have to enrol for the four compulsory first-semester courses (cf. below) in MOnA and on sign-up lists where required (cf. course descriptions).

It is my very first day at the Department of English – Where do I have to go?

An information meeting for new students is held on the first Monday of every autumn term at 18:15 at the Department of English, Nadelberg 6, Grosser Hörsaal (on ground floor of the rear building) and it is important that you attend. Please note that some of your compulsory courses may already start in the afternoon of that first day.

When can I start my studies?

Students begin their studies in the autumn.

Compulsory courses

Students in their first semester should sign up for the following four courses:

Please refer to the autumn term's course catalogue for detailed course descriptions.

Note that your course of studies is regulated by a number of regulations and guidelines.

Who is who?

If you want to know who works at the Department of English or if you want to contact a member of staff click here.

Where is what?

Where are the rooms and facilities at the Department of English? Please refer to the map [PDF (748 KB)] of the Department.