ERASMUS programme

ERASMUS was introduced by the EU to promote cooperation between European universities. The aim of this scheme is to facilitate the exchange of students and staff. The Basel English Department cooperates with various universities in the EU. The period of study at the host university will be accorded full recognition by the home university. For more information consult the university's mobility office for international exchange programmes.
Please note that there are further possibilities to go abroad, e.g. to the USA, Canada, Australia and other countries which can be organised via the university's main mobility office.



Students selected to participate in the scheme by the various institutions can only be awarded a student mobility grant if they fulfil the general conditions of eligibility for the ERASMUS grant. These are:

  • Students must be citizens of one of the EU states, Switzerland or Liechtenstein or recognized by one of these states as having the official status of refugee, or stateless person or permanent resident.
  • Students must be matriculated at Basel University. (They pay the regular tuition fee in Basel during their ERASMUS stay abroad.)
  • The student’s home institution (Basel University) guarantees the full recognition of their studies abroad.
  • Students need to spend a minimum period of 3 months, a maximum period of 10 months studying abroad.
  • Students in the first year of their studies are not eligible for ERASMUS exchange.

For more information on the university's requirements, please see the main erasmus page.


Simone Sumpf is in charge of registration, which should take place until 15 January. A registration form [PDF (21 KB)] should be completed and a short statement of intentions and interests supplied including the intended subjects of study.

Selections criteria

The respective professor(s) at the Department of English will choose students who are best suited to the course programme applied for and who can therefore profit most from it. Criteria are:

  • having reached a sufficiently advanced stage in one's course of study
  • language competence


The student mobility grants are not full grants, but contributions towards mobility costs (for 3 to 10 months' study abroad); they vary between CHF 200 to CHF 250 per month of study depending on the country of the host university.


Some host universities will help you in finding accommodation. This varies according to local circumstances and national customs.

Starting date

Students may do their term abroad either in the autumn or the spring term. However, we recommend that students who would like to go abroad for two terms, start their stay in the autumn term.