Language Assistant Programme

Great Britain and Switzerland have a long tradition of exchanging foreign language assistants between the school systems. The exchange is organised by movetia. Students of English are offered posts as assistant teachers of their native language for a period of eight (England and Wales) or nine (Scotland and Northern Ireland) months. Students teach 12 hours a week and receive a salary of ca. £820/month. Each year there are 20 places for applicants from the German speaking part of Switzerland and 10 for applicants from the French speaking part. Application forms are available here.


Students selected to participate in the scheme have to fulfil the following conditions

  • students of English, 4th semester or older
  • native speakers of German or French
  • enrolled in Swiss schools at least since 7th grade
  • good educational background, experience in working with children and teenagers
  • age between 21 and 30

For further information best get in touch with movetia directly. Some general recommendations can also be obtained from our student advisor.

NB: Applications must be sent by January 15th.