Forthcoming events

Past events

  • "Cities in Flux": International conference funded by the Swiss South African Joint Research Programme (SSAJRP), 9-10 June 2015
  • Conference: "Aesthetics in the 21st Century", 13-15 September 2012, University of Basel. See the conference website.
  • Summer school: "Research on computer-mediated communication in linguistics" (RCMCL), 17-23 June, 2012, Ascona, Switzerland. See summer school website.
  • Day conference: City in Flux - Urbanization and Societal Change in
    South African Literary and Cultural Texts, 18 November, 2011, University of Basel. See also the conference programme [PDF (12 KB)]. 
  • International Summer School: "Spaces of Projection", organised by students under the auspices of the Association of the New Literatures in English (ASNEL). This event will be hosted at the Universities of Bern and Basel from 5 – 9 September 2011. For more information on content and registration procedures, please visit the official website.
  • International Conference
    Language as a Social and Cultural Practice: Advances in Linguistics
    8-10 June 2011, University of Basel, Switzerland
  • 5th International Symposium on Politeness 30.06.2010-02.07.2010 
  • Conference 12-13 March 2010:  Reprise, Recycling, Recuperating: the Déjà-vu and the Authentic in Anglophone Literature and Culture.