Practical information

Conference hashtag

If you would like to tweet about the conference "The Beautiful Game", please use the following hashtag: #bgbasel



There will be an event WLAN account made available at the conference.



Switzerland has specific power sockets (type J or SEV1011) so please remember to bring a travel adapter for recharging your electronic equipment.



There is no need to buy bottled water, the tap water in Basel and its surroundings is drinkable. The public fountains in the city also provide drinking water.


City Ticket

In most hotels you will be given a mobility ticket which enables you to travel around the city for free. The public transport map is available at the registration desk. You can also find it here.



In case of medical emergency, dial 144 (ambulance)

In case of suspected poisoning, dial 145

Police Tel.: 117

Fire department Tel.: 118

If you need to visit a doctor or require immediate information, call the Medical Emergency Center at +41 61 261 15 15.


Coffee breaks

The coffee breaks will take place in the courtyard of the Department of English.


Lunch recommendations

1) Close to the conference venue:



Info: Andreasplatz is a beautiful square very close to the conference venue. There are two restaurants/cafés located at this square: Roter Engel and Holzofenbäckerei which serve fresh pies and salads amongst other things.



Gerbergasse 4

4001 Basel

Info: COOP is a supermarket where you can buy fresh bread, fruit and vegetables, fresh packaged ready-to-eat products such as salads and sandwiches, and hot lunches.



Herbergsgasse 1

4051 Basel

Info: Pinar is a sit-down restaurant which serves Anatolian and Turkish specialties. They serve a number of dishes with meat, such as Börek or Döner Kebap, but also vegetarian dishes, e.g., Sarma or Falafel.



Info: Marktplatz is a square located in the center of Basel and very close to the conference venue. There is a daily market on the square with food stalls which sell sausages, sandwiches, and piadina amongst other things.



Hutgasse 6

4051 Basel

Info: This sit-down restaurant/bar serves pizza and pasta. Lunch menus include a salad and a drink.



Malzgasse 1

4051 Basel

Info: So'up offers three to four freshly prepared soups per day. You can either eat there or ask to take away. They always have a vegetarian option, a soup with meat, and a soup with fish (or seafood).



Schützenmattstrasse 2

4051 Basel

Info: Mandir serves Indian food. They have nice lunch menus which are served with a soup or a salad as starter.



Petersgraben 15

4051 Basel

Info: Zazaa serves various warm and cold mezze dishes, such as hummus, taboule, or baba ghanoush. They usually offer a nice lunch menu with a salad as starter.



Im Schmiedenhof 10

4001 Basel

Info: 1777 offers delicious burgers, baguette sandwiches, and salads.



Grünpfahlgasse 4

4051 Basel

Info: Grünpfahl provides sit-down or take away. They have a nice selection of Mediterranean food.


2) 10-15 min walking distance from the conference venue:



Klybeckstrasse 62

4057 Basel

Info: Vegitat has vegetarian and vegan food, e.g. Döner, çigköfte. As this restaurant/take away is close to the reception venue, it may be a good place to grab a bite before the reception at Didi Offensiv on Friday, July 1.


Kaffeehaus Mitte


Santa Pasta

Manger & Boire


Zum Isaak


For more information on these places, see the table below.


3) 20-30 min walking distance from the conference venue:



Buvette (Kaserne, Oetlinger, Flora) cafés at the river bank.

Eiscafé Acero



La Fourchette


Thai House




For more information on these places, see the table below.


Kaffeehaus Mitte Gerbergasse 30

coffee, apéro
La FourchetteKlybeckstr. 122

weekends: brunch
Ca'puccinoFalknerstr. 24"best coffee in town"
Eiscafé AceroRheingasse 13 cream, cakes, sandwiches
Santa PastaSt. Johanns Vorstadt 13; Rheingasse 47

Manger & BoireGerbergasse 81, pasta, main courses
Zum IsaakMünsterplatz 16 and dinner menus
BooKlybeckstr. 86www.boobasel.che.g. wok, soups, noodles, curries
Thai HouseClarastr. 34 restaurant & take away
TibitsStänzlergasse 4 food/brunch
VapianoUntere Rebgasse 8, pasta, risotto
LatiniFalknerstr. 31, pasta, risotto, fish and meat dishes
CO13Colmarerstrasse 13, two main courses per day, cakes
NoohnHenric Petri-Strasse 12 sushi
Teufelhof/Restaurant AtelierLeonhardsgraben 49 for a generous budget
KulturbeizBurgweg 15

drinks, lunch and dinner menus
Buvette Kaserne, Oetlinger, FloraUnterer Rheinweg, sandwiches
MarinaUferstr. 80
KaBarKlybeckstr. 1b
VeronicaSt. Alban-Rheinweg 195 next to one of the public swimming areas at the Rhine