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Language and Health Online: Publications


Thurnherr, Franziska, Rudolf von Rohr, Marie-Thérèse and Locher, Miriam A. (2016). The functions of narrative passages in three written online health contexts. Open Linguistics 2: 450-470. [Special Issue on Personal Narrative Online,edited by Daria Dayter and Susanne Mühleisen]


Rudolf von Rohr, Marie-Thérèse. (2015). 'You will be glad you hung onto this quit': Sharing information and giving support when stopping smoking online. In: C. A. Smith and A. Keselman (eds.), Meeting Health Information Needs Outside of Healthcare: Opportunities and Challenge, 263-290. Waltham, MA: Chandos Publishing.


Rudolf von Rohr, Marie-Thérèse, Thurnherr, Franziska, & Locher, Miriam A. (in press). Linguistic expert creation in online health practices. In Patricia Bou-Franch & Pilar Garcés-Conejos Blitvich (Eds.), Analysing digital discourse: new insights and future directions. London and New York: Palgrave Macmillan.



Language and Health Online: Publications, in prep

Rudolf von Rohr, Marie-Thérèse (2017). Persuasion in smoking cessation online (PhD).

Thurnherr, Fanziska (in prep.) Relational work and identity construction in email counseling. (PhD)


Language and Health Online: Publications, submitted

Special issue for Lingustics Online: Language and Health Online (in prep for 2017)


Locher, Miriam A., & Thurnherr, Franziska. (in prep for 2017). Typing yourself healthy:  Introduction to the special issue on language and health online. Linguistics Online.



Al Zidjaly, Najma. (in prep for 2017). Mental health and Islamic religion online:  An intertextual analysis. Linguistics Online.

Andersen, Elisabeth Muth. (in prep for 2017). Typing yourself accountable: Objectifying subjective experiences in an online health forum. Linguistics Online.

Chariatte, Nadine. (in prep for 2017). HIV/AIDS in South Africa: Graphic signs countering the stigma and silence. Linguistics Online.

Cochrane, Leslie E. (in prep for 2017). An imagined community of practice:  Online discourse among wheelchair users. Linguistics Online.

Fage-Butler, Marie-Antoinette. (in prep for 2017). Hub of medical expertise or medicalized conveyor-belt? Sharing meanings online on the hospital birth setting. Linguistics Online.

Jager, Margot, & Stommel, Wyke. (in prep for 2017). The risk of metacommunication to manage interactional trouble in online chat counseling. Linguistics Online.

Lindholm, Loukia. (in prep for 2017). 'So now I'm panic attack free!': Response stories in a peer-to-peer online advice forum on pregnancy and parenting. Linguistics Online.

Locher, Miriam A., & Thurnherr, Franziska. (in prep for 2017). Language and health online: Typing yourself healthy (special issue). Linguistics Online.

Rudolf von Rohr, Marie-Thérèse. (in prep for 2017). 'If you start again, don't worry. You haven’t failed' Relapse talk and motivation in online smoking cessation. Linguistics Online.

Sillence, Elizabeth.  (in prep for 2017). Having faith in the online voice: Exploring contemporary issues of trust, language and advice in the context of e-health. Linguistics Online.

Thurnherr, Franziska. (in prep for 2017). 'As it’s our last exchange next time…' The closure initiation in email counseling. Linguistics Online.



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