"Tea with Chaucer": reading Middle English

The first meeting will take place on 22 September 2011 at 6pm in room 3 of the English Department.  [more]

Call for Papers: "Aesthetics in the 21st Century"

Call for Papers: "Aesthetics in the 21st Century" (University of Basel, Sept. 13-15, 2012). See also the conference website.  [more]

Summer school "Spaces of Projection": extension registration deadline

As students generally pick their courses for next term's schedule during term break, the registration deadline for the Summer School 'Spaces of Projection' (5-9 September) has been extended to 15 July. Register now and take... [more]

"Spaces of Projection" summer school: registration open

Students may now register for the "Spaces of Projection" summer school. For more information, please visit the official summer school website.  [more]

ST 2011 seminar 28277-01 "Modernism and Music": change of book

Please note that George du Maurier's "Trilby" will be discussed, instead of D.H. Lawrence's "Aaron's Rod"

ST 2011: four additional courses

Prof. Habermann's substitute during spring term, Michelle Witen, will be teaching the following courses: 28276: lecture "Modernism" 28277: seminar "Modernism and Music" 28278: seminar "Exploring... [more]

"Spaces of Projection" summer school

This summer school will take place at the Universities of Basel and Bern [more]

ST 2011: additional proseminar class 14104-04

Thanks to additional funds, there will be a fourth parallel class of the 2nd-year proseminar Introduction to the History of English in ST 2011: 14104-04, Monday 10-12, taught by lic. phil. Regula Koenig [more]

ST 2011: change of course time and day for 18959-03

Übung: Supplementary English Practice 1 [more]