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Gomringer, Eugen: der sonette gezeiten / the sonnets' tides, Dozwil 2009.
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Hänggi, Christian: Gastfreundschaft im Zeitalter der medialen Repräsentation, Wien 2009.
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Aufsätze in Sammelbänden

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Unpublizierte Vorträge

Burleigh, Peter : Wallpainting, 2009.
Hänggi, Christian: Hospitality and advertising: an introduction, 2009.
Crispy/crunchy: The semantics of taste terms. SWELL meeting, Fribourg, Switzerland. 2009.
Bieler, Larissa: Crispy and crunchy: The semantics of taste terms. XIX Meeting of the European Chemoreception Research Organization, Villisimius, Italy. 2009.
Locher, Miriam; Mundwiler, Vera (Deutsches Seminar): Constructing identity on Facebook. Paper presentation at the biannual SAUTE conference (Swiss Association of the University Teachers of English), University of Fribourg, 2009.
Askin, Ridvan : "'Nothing's Authentic Anymore:' Bobbie Ann Mason's Deleuzean Cartography in 'Shiloh'." CONNECTdeleuze: The Second International Deleuze Studies Conference, University of Cologne, 2009.
Burleigh, Peter : Imprimerie, Basel: "Wallpainting", 2009 .6.10 .
Burleigh, Peter ; Jung, Sophie: 'Twixt Land and Sea: the beach in literature, film and cultural theory:"Photographic forms of the beach.", 2009 .6.19 .
Burleigh, Peter ; Ochsner, Andrea: MeCCSA Conference 2009:"Class and Masculinity In British Cinema: from New Wave to Brit Grit.", 2009 .1.16 . URL
Hohl Trillini, Regula: “'We neither of us perform to strangers': Jane Austen Denouncing the Regency Commodification of Music." Seventh International Conference of the Association for Word and Music Studies, Vienna, 2009 VI 10-13 .
Langlotz, AndreasLocher, Miriam: Cognition, interaction and emotion: Exploring their intersection in relational work, i-mean, Bristol, UK, 2009.
Locher, Miriam: Introduction to panel on politeness in computer-mediated communication, IPRA 09, Melbourne, Australia, 2009.
Locher, Miriam: Introduction to panel on impoliteness in computer-mediated communication, LIAR II. Lancaster, UK, 2009.
Locher, Miriam: Internet health advice columns: How to study relational work online, Sociolinguistic Festival, Lecture Series. Wellington, NZ. 2009.
Locher, Miriam: Health on the Web: Computer-mediated Communication, Invitation to speak at the Colloquium of the Institute of Communication and Health, University of Lugano, January 27, 2009.
Locher, Miriam: Health Communication Online, 2009 , Guest Lectue, ES Uni ZH .
Locher, Miriam: Facebook and relational work: A report on a pilot study, Sociolinguistic Festival, Lecture Series. Wellington, NZ. 2009.
Locher, Miriam: 'Relational work’and its usefulness for applied linguistics, Sociolinguistic Festival, Lecture Series. Wellington, NZ. 2009.
Quaßdorf, Sixta: "HyperHamlet - A Specialised Corpus of Intertextual Occurrences," DIVERSITY IN LANGUAGE CORPORA - VIELFALT IN SPRACHKORPORA Basel (Switzerland), 2009.
Quaßdorf, Sixta: "Hamlet in English Phraseology – a corpus-based study;" SWELL Fribourg (Switzerland), 2009.
Quaßdorf, Sixta: " 'On quoting …' – a corpus-based study on the phraseology of well-known quotations"; The Fifth Corpus Linguistics Conference Liverpool, 2009. URL
Quaßdorf, Sixta: " '.. you are quoting Shakespeare' - A corpus-based study on Hamlet quotations;" Aston Corpus Conference Birmingham, 2009.

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