Teaching experience Prof. Miriam Locher


Current courses

Please follow for courses taught in the current semester.

Introductory level (BA and Lizentiat basic studies)

Lecture: "Introduction to Language and Linguistics I, Structure and Use"
Basel AT09

Lecture: "Introduction to Language and Linguistics II, English in its Social Contexts"
Basel ST09, ST10, ST11, ST12, ST13

Introduction to Linguistics
What is linguistics?, language myths, morphology (synchronic and diachronic), overview of macrolinguistics.
Berne WT06/07, WT05/06, WT04/05, WT03/04; including syntax WT02/03, WT01/02, WT99/00

Syntax and Semantics
An introduction to both fields with different course books.
Berne ST05, WT02/03, WT01/02, WT99/00

Introduction to Discourse Analysis, Pragmatics, first- and second language acquisition, corpus linguistics, accompanied by work in the virtual classroom.
Berne ST08, ST07, ST06, WT04/05, WT03/04, WT02/03, Basel ST10

Pragmatics, Relevance Theory, Conversation Analysis, Discourse Analysis, cross-cultural communication.
Berne ST03, ST04, ST02, ST00

Historical Linguistics
External and internal processes of change in the English language.
Berne WT05/06 with Prof. Daniel Schreier; AT07

Old and Middle English (Tutorials)
Tutorials accompanying courses at the University in Zurich.
ST94, WT93/94

The History of the English Language (Lecture)
ST08, ST09, ST11, ST13, ST14, ST15, ST16, ST17

Research methodology in linguistics (lecture)
AT13, AT14, AT15, AT16

Advanced level (BA seminars and MA/Lizentiat courses/lectures)

Style and Sociolinguistic Variation; Style in Language
Berne ST07, Basel ST09, AT14

Counselling, Advising, Information-giving: Analyzing Professional Practices in Spoken and Written Form; Advice in Discourse
Zurich ST07, Basel ST10, ST14

Discourse as Social Interaction / Discourse analysis
Berne WT06/07, Basel AT08, ST10, AT10, ST14, ST15, AT15

Theories of Politeness and Impoliteness / Relational work / Interpersonal Pragmatics
Berne ST06, Basel ST10, AT14, Freiburg i. Brsg. AT13, Basel AT14, ST15

Narratives, Illness Narratives, Small and Big Stories: Linguistic Narratology
Zurich WT01/02 (together with Gunnel Tottie), Basel, AT10, ST12, ST17

World Englishes
Berne WT05/06, Basel AT09, ST13

Language and Health, Internet Health Sites, Language and health in action
Basel AT10, AT11, ST16, AT16

Varieties of English, English in America
Berne AT07, Basel AT07, AT09, AT15

English on the Web: Computer Mediated Communication; English online (Second Life)
Neuchâtel ST08, Basel AT08, ST11, ST15

Language in the Movies / Telecinematic Discourse
Basel AT11, ST12, Zurich ST14

Research methodology (seminar and lecture)
Basel AT10, AT11, AT13, AT14, AT15, AT16

Research Colloquium
Basel ST09, AT09, ST10, ST11, ST12, ST13, AT13, ST15