Research and e-publications Prof. Miriam Locher


Research projects

SNF: 'Life (beyond) writing': Illness narratives

UniBas: Relational work in Facebook

SNF: Language and Health Online


Research interests

- interpersonal pragmatics and relational work

- language and politeness/impoliteness

- language and power

- language and disagreement

- language and advice

- language and emotions

- narratives

- computer-mediated discourse (cf. special issue in JofPR, and The 5th International Symposium on Politeness Research, special issue in Pragmatics, RCMCL Summer School 2012)

- Internet health communication (especially advice columns on health topics)

- medical humanities



E-books (available in the Basel Intranet)

Locher, 2006, Advice online

Locher and Jucker (eds), 2017, Pragmatics of Fiction (with VPN)

Locher and Graham (eds), 2010, Interpersonal Pragmatics (with VPN)

Bousfield and Locher (eds.) 2008, Impoliteness in Language (click on 'Uni Basel: Volltext')

Locher and Strässler (eds.) 2008, Standards and Norms in the English Language (click on 'Uni Basel: Volltext')

Locher 2004, Power and Politeness in Action (click on 'Uni Basel: Volltext')

Limberg and Locher (eds.) 2012, Advice in Discourse