Summer School:

Research on computer-mediated communication in linguistics (RCMCL)

17-23 June 2012, Ascona, Switzerland


This international summer school addressed methodological issues on computer-mediated communication in connection with language use. The school catered to advanced MA and PhD students already working on CMC topics.  Its aims were as follows:



1)       To discuss cutting edge theoretical literature on methodologies in CMC/CMD (there will be a reading list).

2)       To provide students with a set of tools to aid them in the preparation and analysis of CMC data.

3)       To give students a chance to introduce their own research projects and discuss methodological challenges (with both other students and staff).



A reading list with central theoretical literature was provided as preparation. Teaching methods combined input presentations, hands-on workshops and feedback sessions (focus groups). Our teachers:

Daniel Alcón, University of Freiburg

Jannis Androutsopoulos, University of Hamburg

Michael Beisswenger, University of Dortmund

Brook Bolander, University of Basel

Andreas H. Jucker, University of Zurich

Miriam A. Locher, University of Basel

Annette Markham, University of Arizona


Location: A beautiful hotel in Ascona, Moscia at the Lago Maggiore in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland


The summer school was organised by members of the Doctoral Program in Linguistics of the University of Basel: Miriam Locher and Brook Bolander. Please address questions to: Brook.Bolander - at - or Miriam.Locher - at -


Our sponsors are the HPSL-Basel-Freiburg and the Department of English of the  University of Basel, the HPSL-Basel-Freiburg and ThinkSwiss.

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