A. Elisabeth Reichel, M.A.

SNF-Projektmitarbeiterin (Research Fellow)

A. Elisabeth Reichel holds an M.A. in Anglophone Literary and Cultural Studies from the University of Mannheim. In her M.A. thesis, titled “Fictionalizing Music, Musicalizing Fiction: The Integrative Function of Music in Richard Powers’s The Time of Our Singing,” she examined the political functions of music from a perspective informed by sound studies as well as word and music studies. Elisabeth is writing a Ph.D. thesis on “Sounding Primitives, Writing Anthropologists: The Poetry and Scholarship of Edward Sapir, Margaret Mead, and Ruth Benedict” under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Philipp Schweighauser and is a member of the SNSF research project “Of Cultural, Poetic, and Medial Alterity.” Her current research interests include the intersections between literary studies and the history of cultural anthropology, literary imaginations of sonic and musical alterity, and the uses of alphabetic writing as a colonial technique.

Elisabeth has taught undergraduate and graduate courses at the Universities of Basel, Berne, and Mannheim. She has successfully applied for large researcher grants, most recently for a mobility fellowship with the Swiss National Science Foundation (USD 46’800).

04/2017 - 07/2017: Affiliate with Georgetown University, Washington, D.C., on recommendation of Brian Hochman
08/2017 - 07/2018: Visiting Scholar at Dartmouth College, Hanover, N.H., on invitation of Donald E. Pease



Aktuelle Publikationen

Reichel, A. Elisabeth: Art. "Ekphrasis", in: Handbuch Literatur & Musik, Berlin 2017, S. 591-592. edoc
Reichel, A. ElisabethSchweighauser, Philipp: Folk Communities in Translation: Salvage Primitivism and Edward Sapir's French-Canadian Folk Songs, in: Etter, Lukas; Straub, Julia (Hg.): American Communities: Between the Popular and the Political, Tübingen 2017, S. 27-49.
Reichel, A. Elisabeth: Musical Macrostructures in The Gold Bug Variations and Orfeo by Richard Powers; or, Toward a Media-Conscious Audionarratology, in: Partial Answers , 2017, H. 1, S. 81-98. edoc

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