Prof. Dr. Miriam Locher

Professor of the Linguistics of English

Miriam Locher started her position as Professor of the Linguistics of English at the University of Basel in 2008. She teaches in the BA English, MA English and the MA Language and Communication and is a member of the eucor Hermann-Paul School of Linguistics.

She works on interpersonal pragmatics, linguistic politeness, relational work, the exercise of power, disagreements, advice-giving (in health contexts) and computer-mediated communication (digital humanities). She supervised the research project Life (Beyond) Writing: Illness Narratives (SNF 2009-2012) and Language and Health Online (SNF 2012-2016), and worked on a project on Relational work in Facebook.

Her publications comprise monographs, edited collections and special issues as well as a numerous articles in journals and collections. Her collaborators are Jo Angouri (Warwick), Brook Bolander (Hong Kong), Derek Bousfield (Manchester), Sage L. Graham (Memphis), Franziska Gygax (Basel), Andreas H. Jucker (Zurich), Andreas Langlotz (Basel), Holger Limberg (Flensburg), Martin Luginbühl (Basel), Barbara Pizziconi (SOAS), M.-T. Rudolf von Rohr (Basel), Jürg Strässler (Zurich) and Franziska Thurnherr (Basel).

Miriam Locher is the administrator of the SWELL (Swiss Works in English Language and Linguistics) mailing list, which is used for the networking of all Swiss doctoral and Habilitation researchers. If you would like to join this list, send a request to her. She served as board member of SAUTE, the Swiss Association of University Teachers of English, as secretary, webmaster and delegate to the Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences from 2007-2016.


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