Dr. des. Daniel Lüthi

Lehrbeauftragter (Adjunct Lecturer)

Daniel Lüthi studied English and German at the University of Basel and graduated in 2016. 

His PhD project under the supervision of Ina Habermann and Philipp Schweighauser analysed Sir Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels from a narratological and literary-geographical perspective, focusing on the fictionality of secondary worlds as well as the relation between fantasy literature and popular culture. He was representative of the doctoral students in the Doctoral Program of Literary Studies until January 2017. In 2014, he received a graduation scholarship from the Forschungsfonds Uni Basel. He is a member of the European Narratology Network, of the Mythopoeic Society and referee for Mythlore journal. Daniel Lüthi has taught courses on fantasy literature at the English Seminar of the University of Basel and is currently working on the publication of his doctoral thesis.




Englisches Seminar
Nadelberg 6
CH-4051 Basel