Dr. Regula Hohl Trillini

Habilitandin (Research Fellow)

Regula Hohl Trillini has been teaching at the department since 2003. She holds a PhD from the University of Basel as well as an M.A. in German and English literature and degrees as piano teacher and chamber musician. Her book The Gaze of the Listener: English Representations of Domestic Music-Making, Rodopi, 2008, analyzes the place of music in the English imagination with particular regard to gender, from Shakespeare's sonnets and early modern drama to prose fiction from the long nineteenth-century, including Jane Austen.

Other research interests include intertextuality studies and the reception history of Shakespeare's works. Regula Hohl Trillini has co-designed the HyperHamlet database, an extensive corpus of references to and quotations from Shakespeare's Hamlet, and continues to edit this collection. Her book Casual Shakespeare (scheduled for publication by Routledge in 2017) focuses on the anonymous references and middle-brow re-writings which have constituted an essential part of the ongoing 'Shakespeare phenomenon' since the early seventeenth century and which are prefigured in Shakespeare's own casual handling of his sources.





Englisches Seminar
Nadelberg 6
CH-4051 Basel