Dr. Daria Dayter

Oberassistentin (Postdoctoral Teaching and Research Fellow)


Daria Dayter studied English philology and translation at the Russian Academy for the Humanities in St. Petersburg, Russia. Upon completion of her diploma in 2007 she joined the University of Bayreuth, Germany, first as a Master and then as a doctoral student. She was awarded an MA degree in English linguistics in 2010, having submitted a Master thesis on the topic “Ritual insults in North America: Evolution and contemporary use”. Her doctoral thesis was supervised by Prof. Susanne Mühleisen and dealt with the speech act repertoire of ballet students communicating on Twitter. Daria’s research interests lie in the area of pragmatics, youth language and computer-mediated communication. She is currently working on a postdoctoral project in Translation Studies, "Corpus-based approach to the study of simultaneous interpreting".



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International Association for Translation and Intercultural Studies

Swiss Association of University Teachers of English

Dayter, Daria. (2016). Discursive Self in Microblogging. Speech acts, stories and self-praise. Amsterdam: Benjamins.




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Dayter, Daria: Orality and Literacy in Verbal Duelling. Playing the Dozens in the 21st Century, in: Susanne Mühleisen (Hg.): Contested Communities. Communication, Narration, Imagination, Leiden 2017, S. 12-23.
Rüdiger, Sofia; Dayter, Daria: The ethics of researching unlikeable subjects, in: Applied Linguistics Review , 2017, H. 2-3, S. 251-269. edoc (Open Access), URL

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