Dr. phil. Ridvan Askin

Oberassistent (Postdoctoral Teaching and Research Fellow)

Ridvan Askin studied at the Universities of Vienna, Freiburg, and Essex and holds an MA in Philosophy, English, and Portuguese from the University of Freiburg and a PhD in English Literature from the University of Basel. He was employed as Teaching and Research Assistant and MA Coordinator at Freiburg’s North American Studies Section before transferring to Basel in 2009. In 2011 he spent six months as Short Term Research Scholar at The Pennsylvania State University funded by an SNSF mobility grant. In the academic year 2016-17 he will be on research leave at the Heidelberg Center for American studies funded by the University of Basel’s Research Fund Junior Researchers.

He has co-edited two volumes, Aesthetics in the 21st Century, a special issue of Speculations (2014) and Literature, Ethics, Morality: American Studies Perspectives (2015). His first book, Narrative and Becoming (2016), elaborates a transcendental empiricist concept of narrative arguing for an understanding of narrative as fundamentally nonhuman (instead of human), unconscious (instead of correlated to consciousness), and expressive (instead of representational). Currently, he is completing the translation of several of Steven Shaviro’s essays to be published in Merve Verlag’s Spekulationen series. He is also at work on his second book, a reconsideration of American Transcendentalism and the romantic project tentatively entitled “Transcendental Poetics and the Futures of American Romanticism.”

He is the convener of the New Developments in Theory lecture series inaugurated in 2014. The series hosts two internationally renowned thinkers every year and consists of a public lecture integrated into the English Department’s Introduction II: Literary Theory course in spring and a public lecture and PhD workshop in fall.

His main research interests are aesthetics, American Transcendentalism, contemporary North American fiction, Gilles Deleuze, literary theory, narrative theory, literature and philosophy, and speculative realism. He is the Treasurer and SAGW Delegate for the Swiss Association for North American Studies.


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Askin, Ridvan : Narrative and Becoming, Edinburgh 2016. edoc, URL
Askin, Ridvan Schweighauser, Philipp (Hg.): Literature, Ethics, Morality : American Studies Perspectives, Tübingen 2015 (=32). edoc, URL

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